BRA offers a short list of professional consulting services in a few specialized areas. These are offered in either a one-on-one basis or as a group workshop. We typically bill out at $100/hr with a 1/2 our minimum on consultations. Workshops are a 2-hour minimum. Please contact us directly if you’d like to discuss any of these services or discuss scheduling a workshop or individual session.

  • Herbalism / Oils & Natural Remedies – We offer a basic 2-hour introduction to herbalism including the use and traditional preparations (tinctues, decoctions, poultices and teas) and the use of oils. This is a hands-on workshop and typically requires access to a kitchen. We offer both workshops and consultations. We also have extensive experience in consulting on Arthritis or other inflammatory conditions and wound care.
  • Spirit Remediation – Dealing with hostile entities and hauntings. We’re happy to deal with the problem for you or coach you through the process of dealing with it ourselves. We offer workshops, 1 on 1 instruction and coaching and remote cleansing and exorcism services.
    • House or Building Blessings – Buying a new home or having trouble selling a home because it’s got a “weird or creepy vibe”. Let us perform a remote cleansing and blessing on the property or come on-site and do it personally if you’re in the Houston Metroplex. $100 minimum for most circumstances. This service is for preventative purposes and is primarily to help prevent any issues from occurring in the future. If the property already has activity, you need the next tier of services below.
    • Remote Cleansing, spirit bindings and exorcism consultations start at $200 and are non-refundable. You MUST adhere to follow-up instructions to the letter and fully take ownership of the problem according to our instructions. Fees may be waved or reduced based on circumstances and needs.
    • Removal of Hexes, Bindings and Curses – This service is focused on a person or people rather than a property. We work with a range of powerful entities to remove outside influences from your situation. We’ll also work with you so that you can ground, center and repair any damage done. We can also help you put shields in place to keep the issue from happening again. This work is done on a donation basis only and clients are accepted on a case-by-case basis. You MUST be prepared to adhere to follow-up instructions to the letter.
  • Shamanic Ethenogens – historic use of psychotropes for spiritual insight. We offer educational workshops and individual hands-on sessions.
  • Ormus Alchemy – Using minerals from sea salt to super charge the pineal gland and ramp up your latent psychic ability.
  • Medical Intuitive, Psychics Readings and Metaphysical Counseling – Have a health problem that you’re having trouble getting diagnosed or need the services of a bonafide psychic medium? We whole-heartedly endorse Lori at . Lori is one of the most talented mediums I’ve ever encountered and specializes in medical intervention. She can have a look inside at what’s going on and give you an idea of what to talk to your doctor about to help pinpoint the problem. She is also a world-class spirit medium and is adept at classic

Herbalism and Essential Oils

Please refer to the Herbalism page on our sister website, Lines of the Dragon, for more information.

Spirit Remediation Workshop Outline

Help I’m Haunted – Dealing with Ghosts by James Sangster
Recommended Reading:
Holographic Universe Online Video Workshop:
Podcast Interviews with Stephen Davis on Holographic Theory:
Part 1 – Part 2 – )

Discussion Points:

    • Goals of Paranormal Investigation Group & Responsibility to the Clients
    • Gathering “Evidence” (photos, video, evp, etc.)
    • Holographic Theory & the Nature of Consciousness
      • You are not your meatsack
    • Ghosts / Spirits / Demons
        • Ghosts are People Too
      • Types of entities and malicious intent.
    • Using Psychics within Paranormal Investigation
  • Remediation Plan – see:
      • Empowering the Clients
          • Make them Read / Research & do their own cleansings
        • You are the coach. You do not own the problem.
      • Level 1 – Communication & Cohabitation
        • Use mediums, talk to the entities. find the motivation
      • Level 2 – House Blessing / Ritual Cleansing
        • Motivate the client emotionally – make them reclaim their space
    • Level 3 – Ritual Binding & Angelic Evocation
      • Utilized an experienced shaman or metaphysical worker.

Intro to Shamanic Ethenogens Workshop Outline:

Ethenogens are mind and mood altering substances (commonly referred to as psychotropics) that enhance our connection to divinity when used responsibly and with spiritual intent.

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This is typically a 2-3 hour discussion focusing on the safe and responsible use of ethenogens for shamanic and/or ritual practice. Note: There is absolutely no actual drug use taking place during or after this session. This workshop is for information purposes only to help facilitate safety and understanding on this subject. Topics covered but are not limited to:

  • What are Ethenogens?
  • Safety
    • LD50 and Dosages
    • Safety Protocols
    • Set and Setting
  • Fasting
  • Sacred Questions, Goals and Mindset
  • Controlling Your Experience
  • Debriefing and Recovery

Ormus Alchemy Workshop Outline:

Discussion Points

    • How I found out about Ormus & My experiment
      • My Pet Theory – Ormus & the Pineal Gland
    • Historical Information – David Hudson & biblical links
    • Forms of Ormus:
        • White Powder or Liquid Powder Suspension
      • Oily Liquid extracted from Metallic Gold or water.
    • Making Ormus
        • Buying Ormus vs Making Your Own
        • Wet Method vs Sodium Burn and Other methods.
        • Safety! Safety! Safety! – Did I mention Safety?!
      • Materials Needed
          • Digital PH Meter, Food Grade Lye, High Mineral Salt
        • Vinegar, Safety Gear, Glass Containers, Galvanized Steel / Foil
  • Storing Ormus Safely
    • Historical dosages