FREE SHIPPING in the continental US on orders over $35.
Please contact us directly at orders@bluerosealchemy.com for orders shipped outside the continental US. All orders shipped via USPS flat rate postage with tracking.

Bitcoin_accepted_here_printableWe also accept bitcoin. Please contact orders@bluerosealchemy.com for payment arrangements.

Refunds / Returns:

Ormus rendered inert by failing to follow care and feeding guideliens will not be refunded or exchanged.


As a general rule does not maintain customer/client records and information for the purposes of disclosing this information to 3rd parties. BRA keeps all personal client information confidential such that any client/customer cannot be individually identified. This confidentiality is maintained unless compelled by a legal court of law or their designated officer / agent, however BRA, it’s agents and contractors are not legally liable to maintain such confidentiality, especially in the case of hacking or electronic security breech though we maintain reasonable effort to facilitate customer / client confidentiality.

Online Security:

BRA financial transactions are all routed through encrypted channels. Ordering online is very safe since we use industry standard security.