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I Am Often Asked, “What is Alchemy?”


Caduceus – alchemical symbol for balance, harmony, progression and transformation.

Alchemy is the process of taking base materials such as metals or minerals (but anything really) and applying knowledge (often guarded or secret knowledge) and/or exceptionally skill to transform those base materials into something extra-ordinary. Often, the transformed material seems much great than the sum of its parts due to the quality imparted through the practice.

Ancient Japanese sword smiths practiced metal alchemy, Stone masons from time forgotten practiced stone alchemy in their architecture, Herbalists practice plant alchemy and of course ancient European alchemists practiced gold & precious metal alchemy.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention the traditional alchemical eye toward the spiritual implications of such a transformation.

What is practiced in the BRA lab, my personal alchemy project, is a blend of several alchemical interests stemming from a wide range of interests and a keen focus on quality.

~ James, BRA Alchem

BRA_logoIt’s Not Just a Cool Logo:

Like everything around here, a lot of thought goes into what we do and I put a LOT of thought into our logo. Symbols can have a depth of meaning far beyond what most people realize and especially so in alchemy.

The central spiral has a 3 fold meaning. First and foremost it is a stylized blue rose. The blue rose is the symbol for perfection, enlightenment and the unattainable, most likely because there is no such thing as a blue rose in nature though horticultural enthusiasts have tried for centuries. It is the elusive perfection for which one should continually strive. Second, is the spiral itself which is the sacred symbol reflecting the great universal fractal pattern found in nature, an endless progression toward the infinite, a journey from which we are every learning and growing. Finally, hidden as a symbol within the the symbol is the circle created by the outer rim of the spiral rose and the inner dot created by the spiral opening in the center. A circle with a dot is the time-tested alchemical symbol for gold which is a material near and dear to the historic alchemist quest. It’s also central to Ormus, which is our primary product and my first serious foray into traditional alchemy.

The supporting bar and dots is both the alchemical symbol for magnetism which is something that’s always fascinated me personally as it has many alchemists before me. I believe there is so much yet to be learned in unlocking magnetism and how it works. Even the most modern science has barely scratched the surface of what magnetism has to offer mankind. This supporting bar also symbolizes the transforming crucible, the ordeal through which we must all enter and emerge a something different and hopefully wiser for the journey.

I told you, we put a lot of thought into stuff around here…

About BRA & James:

Blue Rose Alchemy is a spiritual health and wellness project focusing on mind/body products and services. We are a small family-oriented business that grew organically. We began producing ormus in our laboratory to share with family and friends.

Blue Rose Alchemy was born from that idea and extends the exact same quality and care in producing ormus for family and friends. In fact, family and friends are supplied from the same exact batches produced for BRA customers. That’s how seriously we are about quality. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you.

james_silly_hat-150x150James Sangster – BRA Alchemist / Founder

James is a life-long student of comparative mythology and a field of study he’s coined as “spiritual mechanics” or the fundamental reasons / mechanism behind spiritual phenomenon free of dogma, pre-conceived notions and judgement. He’s heavily involved in angelic work and is skilled in angelic magic and mysticism. Other intense areas of study include holographic theory, quantum physics, hypnosis, alchemy, holistic & natural medicine, paranormal investigation, spiritual mediumship and ethenogens, natural medicine and herbalism.

Additionally, James volunteers his time as a founding member of Houston Ghost Research where he developed the group’s 3 tiered approach to dealing with hauntings and trains members on concepts central to the group such as investigation, spiritual defense and spirit remediation. He is also the primary host for Higher Consciousness Radio and maintains a blog at awenslight.blogspot.com