Trinity Smudge Stick


Trinity Smudge Sticks - Angelic Bomb Sticks
Trinity Smudge Sticks - Angelic Bomb Sticks

Sometimes you get what you pay for. That is especially true with our BRA-exclusive Bomb Sticks.

This is NOT your daddy’s shotgun, cowboy. This is a VERY powerful  ritual tool for serious situations. In fact, in our own spiritual practice working with clients we literally call this “the bomb.” If William Wallace used a 2 handed claymore then this is a Light Saber by comparison. The construction and process for creation is simply a work of art. Here’s the breakdown.

First, we take an elegant 5 component smudge stick comprised of our time-tested smudge formula. Each stick has

  • White Sage (Salvia Apiana) - Sourced from the coastal mountains of California. This is the tried and true cleansing element. Almost all good smudge sticks start with white sage for it's cleansing and purifying abilities.

  • Desert Sage (Artemesia Tridentata) - From the high desert plans of Western America. This is NOT to be confused with white sage. this is high desert sage. It has a clean sage burn with completely different notes from white sage. This is important for balance in this blend. This adds the cleansing function to the “bomb.”

  • Cedar - Clean burning cedar tips add the sanctification component. Cedar is renowned for it’s ability to create sacred protected space and to carry prayers to bridge the gap between this world and the other side so it had to be added to our custom bundles without question. The aroma also plays very well with the desert sage and sweetgrass.

  • Lavender - This helps to add the angelic note to the blend. The smell of roses and lavendar are often reported to be permeating the air after a successsful exorcism or angelic summoning. That's because these substances resonate at a very similar frequency. Lavender is also exceptionally good at clearing negative emotions and vibrations and restore balance.

  • Sweetgrass - Sacred to many native american cultures, this adds a very high vibrational note to pull in and harmonize with higher vibrational elements. The smell of burning sweetgrass is also nearly intoxicating by itself, when blended in this formula it truly achieves a new level.

But wait! There’s More!

A multi-functional sage stick wasn’t enough for BRA Labs. We also wanted to… NEEDED to figure out a way to kick it up a notch. Here’s what we came up with.

With each new batch we load the new trinity sticks into a custom infusion chamber where we infuse them with our Sacred Trinity resin incense by burning the incense in the chamber. We let this process go for no less than 3 hours to make sure that the resin particles from the smoke have completely permeated each and every stick thoroughly. This adds both the vibration and the physical presence of everything in our proprietary Sacred Trinity incense blend including Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal along with the other resins in our formula.

Next, we give each and every stick in the batch a serious ritual blessing where we infuse the entire stick with channeled angelic energy specifically and intentionally programmed to release only when it’s burned and only AS it’s burned so that as you use the stick this ritual blessing and angelic energy is poured out with the smoke each and every time you use the stick.

Finally, we lovingly wrap each stick individually and seal with our signature blue wax.

Be aware, if you are overly sensitive to psychic energy you may perceive these sticks to be “hot” or “super charged” with a sort of brilliant and intense white light yet soothing and comforting energy. It an be uncomfortable for some sensitives to use these sticks because of this. If this is the case for you we recommend using gloves to hold the stick as it burns.

Because so little of this smoke is needed to get the job done these sticks are often used over and over again. Just extinguish the embers on the end with a little water, let it dry and it’s ready to go again in a day or two.

These are serious spiritual tools. This is NOT the $4.99 sage stick you get off the wall at your local supply store. Please treat them with the reverence and respect they deserve.

Suggested Uses:

  • Special Occasions like House Blessings, Quickenings, Weddings, Funerals, Fire and/or Sun/Moon Rituals, Sacred Circles, Holiday Celebrations, etc. This is a VERY nice touch for a wedding ceremony.

  • Spirit Cleansings and/or Exorcisms - These are GREAT for dealing with problem entities. It’s a little overkill for normal ghost but will work exceptionally well with troublesome or negative spirits. In our experience, often just threatening to use a stick on a troublesome entity will get them to take you seriously. If not, initiate a quick burn for a few minutes and when they can eventually come back into the space a few DAYS later they’ll certainly take you more seriously next time.

  • Angelic Work such as angelic summonings, evocations or invocations.