Sacred Trinity Rosary

Sacred Trinity Gemstone Rosary
Sacred Trinity Gemstone Rosary
Our hand-made rosaries are designed to be pocket-sized protection that packs a powerful punch. This is not simply a prayer or meditation tool. The rosary itself is literally designed from the ground up to be a powerful yet portable and inconspicuous spiritual tool.

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Stone Information and Configurations

  • Moss Agate –
    • Recommended for Teachers, Educators and those in the counseling or legal professions.
    • Moss agate promotes a greater connection to sacred earth energy, growth of all kind, wealth, and health, patience and understanding.
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye (Hawk’s Eye) –
    • Recommended for Police Officers, Law Enforcement Military, Security and Psychics.
    • BTE is highly protective and promotes connection to upper chakra energies, especially for voice and psychic vision and awareness.
  • Yellow Tiger’s Eye –
    • Recommended for anyone who needs a stronger sense of balance or a serious boost in self confidence and assertiveness.
    • YTE promotes a greater connection to Sun, Fire, Earth and central chakras.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye (Dragon’s Eye) –
    • Recommended for anyone who needs to channel strong masculine energy such as warriors, military, martial artists, sports professionals, etc.
    • Promotes masculine aspects of power, self confidence, willpower, assertiveness and aggression, promotes instinct for survival
  • Amethyst –
    • Recommended for Teachers, Healers, Medical Professionals, Mothers
    • Amethyst excels at helping you channel a greater connection to nurturing, soothing, comforting and healing feminine / maternal energy. It promotes patience and understanding.
  • Rose Quartz –
    • Recommended for Mothers, Teachers, Medical Professionals and Healers, Psychics, Counselors or anyone who needs to enhance or promote emotional balance, nurturing, understanding and healing.
    • Rose Quartz promotes a greater connection to feminine energy and helps to restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. Also helps with restful sleep As the stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, Rose Quartz is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination and sexuality.
  • Hematite –
    • Recommended for those struggling with high pressures, extreme stress or being bombarded with negativity. Helps promote clarity of thinking and to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.
    • Hematite is great for cleansing / absorbing excess negative energy. The stone will need to be occasionally grounded. Hang in on a large tree or place it on a large stone or brick for a few hours and it’s good as new. Hematite can be very brittle. Handle with caution.
  • Moonstone + Amethyst –
    • Recommended for Psychics, Light workers, Clergy, Priests, Healers, Counselors, Therapists and Medical Professionals.
    • Moonstone is a very powerful catalyst for channeling sacred energy. It does this naturally of its own accord. Note there is an up charge for moonstone since it is considerably more expensive and rare than other stones we carry.
  • Natural Horn –
    • Horn spacer beads are an excellent way to add a masculine touch to any rosary and are available in both ready and amber/honey color. They serve to add a greater connection to the earth, wilderness, raw unbridled power and wisdom. Horn is avaialble in place of silver spacers upon request. Let us know when you check out which spacer you prefer.
  • Howlite –
    • This is the central stone anchored on almost all of these designs. It serves as an excellent connection to the divine sacred and angelic energies and is also excellent a helping to protect and sever unwanted connections.

Loop configurations:

We have several configurations available that will allow for various ways to carry or wear your rosary: These configurations are applied to the beaded loop portion of the rosary. Be aware that we build on VERY nylon coated steal strand material for durability. This is NOT stretchy.

  • Closed Loop Mini-Rosary (16 stones) –
    • best for pocket use, our standard suggested model. Compact yet effective.
  • XL Loop (24 stones) –
    • the main loop contains 2 extra sets of stones to further magnify the rosary effects and aid in extended meditation exercises.
  • Standard Sterling Silver Bracelet (12 stones) –
    • For carrying your rosary as a stunningly beautiful bracelet. Sized down to fit most wrists up to 7 inches in diameter.
  • XL Sterling Silver Bracelet (16 stones) –
    • Fits wrists up to 10 inches in diameter (very larger wrists)
  • Sterling Silver Necklace (32 stone) –
    • For carrying your rosary as a necklace. Extra stone sets are added to increase the length to approximately 18-20 inches with a variable chain to control size. For larger sizes please contact us.

Charm Configurations:

Some folks prefer to add their own charms or simply to enjoy the necklace without the functional charm so these options are available. We’re also happy to price out other charms upon request. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to discuss options.

About Our Rosaries:

Each rosary is made with your choice of high-grade gemstone beads, bone and/or horn spacers, a sterling silver spiral connector and is terminated with a unique sealed acorn prayer box containing our Sacred Trinity Incense.

We searched high and low for just the right sterling silver connectors, which are still difficult to source even now. The inclusion of the celtic knot was essential, as it is one of our culture’s oldest symbols for the ever-expanding and infinite fractal nature of life, god, consciousness and even creation. The knot both begins and ends at infinity and therefore connects us to that great intangible ethereal realm. The fact that it is the center of our custom rosary is no accident.

We knew we wanted the central focus of this rosary to be the inclusion of our time-tested Sacred Trinity Incense. We didn’t want to just infuse the rosary with the incense, we wanted to include the incense in the rosary itself because we’ve seen the mere presence of this incense as a potent ward against negative energies and entities. We had to have a physical sample of the incense literally housed in the rosary itself. That naturally led us on a quest for a prayer box as our focal point. We searched high and low for just the right prayer box. Scrolls, tubes and miniature boxes were readily available, but just didn’t seem to express the intent we were looking for.

Then, one day after weeks of searching, we found the acorn prayer box. The acorn is sacred to the ancient Celtic priests (druids). The acorn is the symbol for the seed of life, immortality, knowledge, wisdom and strength because it is the heart of the oak, which is among the strongest, most sacred and oldest trees in the forest.

“For every Mighty Oak there was a
Nut that stood it’s ground”

Why not have this bad boy in your pocket all the time, especially when you might be in a situation where you know you may be exposed to the attention of a potentially negative entity? The presence of the sacred incense will make it much more difficult for these entities to establish a connection.

EACH and EVERY Rosary is Ritually Blessed.
This blessing includes a serious infusion of divine angelic energy complimented with a ward against negatively aligned entities. It is then infused for more than an hour in the presence of our consecrated Sacred Trinity Incense so that the resin fumes may adhere to each and every nook and crevice.

Additional Uses:

  • Hang the rosary above a door to create an instant ward against negative energy. The presence of the sacred incense means the ward doesn’t need to be recharged, ever. There is no maintenance needed.
  • Put it under your pillow, in your pillow case, on your night stand or even under your bed as additional protection against negative spiritual attacks while you sleep.
  • Create Holy Water or Sacred Ritual Oil by sealing the rosary in a water proof plastic bag and soaking the bag in a container of olive oil or water. (note, the acorn is not water tight and we do not recommend getting the rosary wet.)
  • Create a ward around your entire home, place of work, etc. by taking a photo of that location and and pinning the photo on a wall with the rosary.

Custom Work:

If you would like a custom piece with a custom charm please contact us to sort out the details. We’re always happy to make original pieces.


We intentionally design our pieces to handle an exceptional amount of wear and tear because these are designed to be both beautiful and functional but we understand accidents happen. All pieces come with a lifetime labor warranty. If anything breaks, you cover shipping and cost of materials and we’ll repair your piece for free as long as we’re in business.


Every Sacred Trinity Rosary comes with
a charcoal disk and Sacred Trinity Incense Sample.


For more information on the history of the rosary in general and a few sample prayers and meditations be sure to check out our Trinity Rosary Prayers page.

Gemstones, horn and bone beads are natural products. Please expect some variations in color and size.