Sacred Trinity Incense

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Sacred Trinity Blessed Ritual & House Cleansing Incense
Sacred Trinity Blessed Ritual & House Cleansing Incense

As a practicing priest and shaman for several years now and head of Houston Ghost Research I've encountered MANY occasions where we were forced to help remove a belligerent and malevolent entity, both ghost and demonic/other in nature.

This is typically done through a special cleansing ritual that's part exorcism, binding ritual and angelic evocation. Simply put, the standard sage incense that's traditional for these rituals doesn't always cut it when it comes to dealing with these more powerful entities. To that end I've developed a proprietary blend that will absolutely, positively, guaranteed to, give any negative entity within it's range a VERY bad day.

This was developed specifically for giving you enough working room to perform an exorcism or serious spiritual cleansing WITHOUT allowing the entity in question to hang around and harass you during the ritual.

This is also an exceptional incense to use when you need to create sacred space or you'll be working with any of the higher end entitites involved in shamanism or other ritual magic forms.

In my experience and that of the clients I work with the moment this incense is lit and goes into the atmosphere ANY entity in the vicinity must leave immediately. It's been compared to a nuclear bug bomb for naughty ghosts.

And, because this is a resin based incense the smoke has a tendency to stay in the atmosphere and bind to whatever it touches thereby adding extra insurance and protection should the offending entity try to scoot back into your space.

This is a burnable resin incense. You will need charcoal disks and something to burn the incense in. Typically I use a coffee cup with some salt in the bottom for thermal protection but if you want something more formal I recommend this small brass screen burner. A little goes a LONG way. The 1 oz is typically enough for a dozen or more sessions.

Because this is the same exact incense I use for my own rituals, blessings and exorcisms, EACH BATCH IS RITUALLY BLESSED AND INFUSED WITH ANGELIC ENERGY PROGRAMMED TO RELEASE WHEN BURNED.

You will not and cannot find this is stores or from other vendors. This is a serious spiritual tool intended for serious use.