Care and Feeding of Ormus

no electricityOrmus is VERY sensitive to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). Even a small EM field can render it inert if un-shielded and exposed for a long period of time. That’s why we ship our samples wrapped in heavy duty foil. Even in the foil you want to store your bottle in a location at LEAST 5 feet from any device that produces a high level of EM radiation such as a running microwave. DO NOT REMOVE THE FOIL ON THE BOTTLE, even after opening. This provides additional protection.

Places you should consider storing your Ormus:

  • In your refrigerator – The metal lining of your refrigerator provides additional protection.
  • In a hallway closet, garage or other space that’s free of devices that use electricity. (I put a note on my refrigerator so I don’t forget to take it daily)
  • In a tupperware container with at least 15-20 layers of quality tin foil on the inside or outside (including lid and bottom.
  • In a GALVANIZED metal box or solid metal tool box.

As a general rule, if your cell phone cannot get signal in the box/container (assuming you normally have a strong signal in the first place), then the ormus is likely safe.

Places NOT to store your ormus:

  • Within 15-20 feet of the main electrical breaker box for your house/apartment (walls won’t stop the EM field)
  • Within 10 feet of a wireless network router or any other wireless network device.
  • ESD Bags (these offer almost no protection)

Keep it away from your cell phone and cordless phones while on a call, do NOT let the ormus come into contact with other high energy EM fields such as those output by your house’s power/breaker box, large appliances, Xrays, MRI scanners, etc.. The walls of your house will NOT stop EM fields.