What is Ormus:


Ormus is a mineral supplement believed to have an extremely positive action on the pineal gland, the seat of the 3rd eye. It tends to promote internal vision and clarity, which makes it ideal for use by psychics, mediums, shamen, healers and other spirit workers.

In short, Ormus is believed to be the substance known as Manna in biblical times. In ancient Egyptian cultures it’s believed to have been known as the Bread of Life or the Semen of the Gods. Ancient Egyptians were believed to have hoarded large quantities for use in sacred rites for their priesthood and the pharaohs because of its sacred properties and ability to facilitate a great connection to divinity.

Ormus researcher David Hudson has made a strong case for ormus being a collection of platinum based elements (gold, platinum, iridium, etc.) arranged in a special state of matter that’s largely unrecognized by modern science. This substance is thought to be mono-atomic or existing as a single atom (or small clusters of atoms) at a time without forming into a matrix of metals (the traditional form associated with those elements) because of the “high spin” state of their electrons. This is also known as “m-state.”


Hudson also demonstrated that ormus samples submitted to laboratory analysis yields results that are up to 80% unreadable by modern laboratory tests, meaning that they can only partially identify the substance in the sample submitted. He has also clearly demonstrated that gold can easily be turned into the white powder known as ormus, though it is notoriously unstable in its dry powder form, which is why we only offer it in a form suspended in liquid.

Hudson’s scientific data is very compelling but we find his extrapolations on the spiritual effects of ormus to be a bit suspect, exaggerated at the least. However, BRA’s own research (largely anecdotal) does make a convincing case that ormus is a very powerful spiritual catalyst and appears to optimize the mind/spirit/body connection. We have found that this improved mind/spirit/body connection promotes both spiritual/psychic growth and allows the body too much more easily heal itself of a myriad of health conditions, especially chronic conditions.

We take it daily and have as of yet have seen VERY positive and dramatic results spiritually, which is why we chose to share this product with the world. For an introduction into what ormus is, a good place to start is the documentary titled, All the Gold You Can Eat. We also refer you to the ormus expert Don Nance for additional reading and study.

What’s Special About BRA Ormus:

optically-clean_pure-oceanWe use the tried-and-true “wet method” of production using the absolute best quality dead sea salt available. Our salt supplier also has a patented process for mechanically sorting individual contaminants such as sand and other natural, but foreign objects, out of the salt with the precision of an electronic eye.

life_ionizerWe also utilize a cutting edge Life Ionizer 4 stage water filtration system that produces a heavily ionized alkaline water. This means we have to use fewer reagents in the extraction process and produce a superior product. Our filtration system finishes with an integrated UV sanitizer for the optimum water quality. We utilize these products ourselves and insist on the best ingredients.


Lori_westAfter the usual general brightening of the visual sense, I had a few nights of vivid dreaming, as well as a general feeling of calm. I am a Sensitive, and I have noticed that my ability to connect with Spirit is instantaneous now compared to having to really focus before I began working with Ormus.
~ Lori West



photo 4I started working with B.R.A. Ormus 6 days ago and WOW! The most rewarding effects seem to be spiritual and emotional in nature. I am more connected to the spiritual side of things and have a desire to learn more and connect more to the world around me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! It seems the effects of Blue Rose Ormus are cumulative.

Peace,Light & Love,

~Kieth (April 15, 2014 at 2:46 pm)


Bill2I have been working with Ormus for 3 weeks. Since beginning my Ormus journey, I am a completely different person.

~ Bill (April 15, 2014 at 12:03 am)


BRA Ormus
BRA Ormus

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